Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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An inquiry from a young sister in the Lord

Hey Pastor John,

The relationship between my sister and me is stressed. There is unspoken tension between us which stems from our different beliefs. Whenever Jesus comes up, he is discussed only briefly, which should not be. I want to share so many experiences with her, but I can’t because I know she won’t understand. When I do tell her something, I get the same feeling as when I try to tell my mother a testimony. It robs my joy. So I try not to talk to her about Jesus at all. It hurts.


I know it hurts, and that is part of what “bearing your cross” means. That pain is also part of your “being crucified with Christ”. It is also part of what is meant by the phrase “bearing the burden of the Lord” for his people. So, you may be both humbled by and thankful for that pain because in reality, it is not your hurt; it is Christ’s, and he is letting you feel it. If you were still in sin, you would know nothing about it.

There are times when the Spirit tells us just to be quiet; however, if the Spirit tells you to speak, but you do not because you dread a person’s negative reaction, you are failing to do the will of God. Don’t allow a dread of people’s bad reaction to your testimony determine what you do. You must be led by the Spirit. I have seen people fail to do what is right because of dread of people’s reaction many times, and have probably done my share of it myself. We have to get past that if we are ever to be happy in Jesus.


After leaving her house the other day, I was so angry. I was just disturbed. This is the first time I have felt real anger for Christianity. I understood the harm it does to the children of God, but I am experiencing firsthand what I knew to be true . . . if that makes any sense.


Of course it does. It’s the only thing that does make any sense.


It’s like I knew how sad it was, but it didn’t touch my heart like it is now. It is just frustrating and sad.


Multiply your experience by a few billion, and think of what God sees all the time, and how He feels. You love your sister and hurt for her (and others) as you do only because Christ does. You came out of sin to know him. Well, here it is. It is his love and his hurt that you feel. Now that you feel that pain, too, your prayers and your life will be more perfectly in fellowship with the will of God in Christ Jesus.

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