Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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What Is Not Christian, Part 8
Response from Brother Brad.

Hello John,

Just curious for clarification. . . not defending Xty by any means. . .

Are you saying that the fleshly ceremonies and activities of Xty are NEVER pure nor good, including good deeds done ignorantly, by Xns, either holy ghost-filled or not?


Hi Brad, and thanks for this response. It will be helpful to all who read it.

You are confusing two completely different things, brother; “the fleshly ceremonies and activities of Xty” never include the “good deeds done ignorantly” by God’s children. If anyone is influenced by the holy Spirit to do a certain good deed, that deed is good in God’s sight only because He is the one who inspired it. But God has inspired and ordained none of “the fleshly ceremonies and activities of Xty”. So, you see, you are confusing two very different things.

As for the apparently good deeds of Christians who do not have and do not want the holy Ghost, this verse applies: “all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags” (Isa. 64:6). Without being led by the holy Ghost that Jesus purchased for us with his blood, all deeds we do are unclean, even the one that seem good, because the reason those deeds are done is not of God.


Aren’t there some humble individuals doing what they believe in their hearts to be good? (If anything is a good intention, it’s from God.)


“Every good and perfect gift is from above”; therefore, every good and holy thing done by anyone is not inspired by Christianity, which is never good; it is the influence of God. The inspiration of God alone is what makes a deed either good or evil.


And they might be spared from God’s wrath, because they are doing righteous things in ignorance of the truth?


Every man will be judged by his deeds. If he has done good in God’s sight, then he has overcome the flesh and will be saved. If he has done evil, then he has been overcome by the flesh and will be damned. Jesus said that in John 5.

This next statement is very important for you, and for all of us, to understand: No one can even accidentally do righteousness. The only source of righteousness is God, and only those whom He influences to do good can do it. Everything else done by anybody is done for show or for self. Admittedly, some people are good at putting on a good show in the flesh. But that is why Jesus warned us not to judge by what we see or hear with our fleshly ears. God is not impressed with anything but conduct that is a response to His mercy in Christ. Let’s be like Him.


On meeting tapes in the past, I recall you saying that although Xty is certainly evil in its basic premises, it’s existence is beneficial to society because at least it curbs the beastly nature of men.


But I have also said that the existence of Islam, Buddhism, and other religions are also beneficial in that regard. But merely restraining the human nature is neither holy nor pure; it is of the flesh, and it is done to accomplish something that the flesh desires, be it security, status among men, relief from war, or anything thing else worldly.

The benefit of one part of the fleshly world restraining another part of the fleshly world is of God’s design, but none of what the flesh itself says, does, or thinks is either pure or good.


RE your statement: “To be good and to do good are not Christian because there is nothing good in Christianity.”

Aren’t there some “good” people in Xty, doing good things (who naturally have received their “goodness” from God)?


Then, that is God’s goodness in them, and that has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity, except that many of the children of God have joined that religion.

By the phrase, “in Christianity”, I was referring to Christianity itself, its spirit, its doctrines, its systems of government, and its works. I was not referring to God’s children who have been fooled by the flesh and have mingled themselves with the ungodly within that evil institution.


If I’m discerning accurately, you’re stressing the “worthlessness” of the religion itself, not necessarily the saints who are trapped within. Correct?



That is correct, Brad. And I am sure that others had some of the same questions that you had when you read that TFM. So, we are all in your debt for taking the time to ask these questions, and to phrase them in such clear terms. Thank you, brother.


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