Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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What Is Not Christian, Part 7
Reply from Brother Gary to Brother Damien.


Brother Damien wrote the following in response to Part 5 of the TFM series on “What Is Not Christian: Anything Pure and Good”: “The younger daughters of the harlot [the denominations of xty] are very often not as cunning as their mother [Catholicism, the great whore]. They are brash, loud and arrogant, and obviously so. They are the ones who denounce speaking in tongues and other things of the Spirit. The great whore knows that such things exist and her memory is long. She does not denounce them or say foolish things like they have passed away. She just demands a yielding to the pope (to the empire).”

I generally agree with Damien’s comments - but I think there ARE some younger daughters of the great whore that ARE more cunning than the mother. I see the most CUNNING ones John, as [the Christians denominations that allow members to have] the Spirit, who encourage others to receive it (now and then), who are lively, who have some power, and who God’s children admire and trust enough to follow . . . . eventually into that religion where Spirit baptism is NOT the new birth and where obedience to God is not required.

Seems to me that this condition is the worst place to be in Christianity, and if Satan can deceive God’s children to go there (because God’s children will generally NOT follow men who say speaking in tongues is not for today, and so forth), then he has done his job, and he IS doing it.



Hi Gary:

I have said many times that the closer something comes to being good, without being good, the more evil it is. I believe that is, in substance, what you are saying. The Christians sects that allow the most Spirit, without completely submitting to the Spirit, are the most dangerous places for God’s children to be.

The evil spirits that inspired the rise of the individual Christian denominations, (the daughters of the great whore) do not possess the degree of perverse wisdom that belongs to the spirit that gave rise to Catholicism (the great whore of Revelation). The demon behind Catholicism is a confident evil spirit that is relaxed in its posture when dealing with people full of the holy Ghost. The great whore does not feel as threatened by works of the Spirit as do her daughters. And I think, generally, that was Damien’s point.


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