Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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Evilution, Part 2

Dear Pastor John,

Yesterday I was reading the “evilution” emails. They must have really affected me. This morning I was waking up to some thoughts I have never had before about creation and the order that was in it from the love of God.

It is Springtime outside and I was thinking about how God is the one who chooses the seasons. Man has nothing to do with it. He never has. All life follows what God has already decided. Whether there is rain or snow or night or day is up to Him. Everything in the world is set in motion by God. All life is riding on the back of that horse. How can man not see that? Just knowing that much is enough to humble a person.

Everything that was made was before us. We were not here when the herbs of the field were being created for our food. God’s perfect love was here preparing a place for us. Our home here was carefully considered and only then were we placed in it. His Spirit was here first. Incredibly, Genesis 1 happened before the recorder of it lived, and only by divine revelation of who He is by Him could the events therein have been written down. There is so much love there. How is it that He would give to us this wonderful chapter in the Bible telling us of His goodness towards us before we could have had pen and ink or even a memory? And how is it that these thoughts are in me today about Him? What a wonderful God. That is as much a miracle as watching the seasons come in as Springtime is today.

The love of God is in knowing that we were not first. Everything had to be in place for our care before we were. God was first. His Son was first. His Spirit was first. And it is His Spirit that is now lighting up and revealing the miracle of creation to me. When He created us He knew what was going to happen to man. But it was not a lost cause. He had the remedy waiting. Even that was here first. God was still in control when He sent His Son so that we could become a new creation that was not of this world. Only then could our eyes be opened to His goodness. We needed that much help. I couldn’t enjoy what He has given without really knowing it was all from Him. It is only by His Spirit that we can see through “evilution”.

I thank God for these thoughts and for remembering me. That was a beautiful picture that was sent yesterday of one of the herbs of the field. It was all for a loving purpose.


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