Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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Why So Fast?


My history professor said that by 1875, “every American scientist of note had converted to Darwin’s view of evolution.” But 1875 is only 16 years after Darwin published The Origin of Species. That’s incredible to me!



Hi Bekah!

What your professor said is no more true than it is true that “every scientist of note” in our own time believes the silly doctrine of evolution. There are many competent and distinguished scientists who love our Creator and recognize His handiwork in this marvelous Creation. It is certainly believable that by 1875, a majority of professors in large universities had been seduced by Darwin’s theories, just as it is today, but not all of them were taken in by it.

Foolish men, including college professors, have been devising theories to explain how life came to exist without a Creator since ancient times. (Remember the “spontaneous generation” doctrine of a few centuries ago?) Men of the 19th century seized upon Darwin’s doctrine so quickly because, unlike previous theories, they saw that it could not be disproved by science. The doctrine of evolution hides its worthlessness in the dark closet of immense spans of time, billions of years, into which no one, not even evolutionists, are capable of looking. Ergo, since there is no way to examine objectively or scientifically the doctrine of evolution, its proponents can pretend to know it is true, and anyone questioning it can be ridiculed as unenlightened – which is the arrogant attitude we see in many public schools and in the public arena today.

But evolutionists put on that act of superiority and supreme confidence precisely because they lack proof for their doctrine. Their pretense of superiority is their substitution for facts and true knowledge. Their doctrine is only the latest in the series of human efforts to explain away their Creator, against whom they have rebelled. As I said, explaining how life could spring from non-life instead of coming from a Creator has been the plaything of man for thousands of years. And the evolutionists of our time are hiding their ignorance in the dark closet of long, long epochs which, in fact, never even took place, thinking that since it is so dark in there, no one can see how naked they really are.

You need not be impressed or intimidated by fools who speak “great, swelling words”. An erudite fool is still a fool.



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