Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood, suffered outside the gate.  Therefore, let us go forth to him outside the camp, bearing his reproach.  For we have no continuing city here, but we seek one to come.


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Reasonable Questions

‘Come now, and let us reason together,’ says the Lord.”
Isaiah 1:18

Since God is reasonable, unreasonable people must be considered ungodly. If we are wise, we will pursue being like God; that is, we will strive to ask reasonable questions and to give reasonable answers, just like our heavenly Father. King David was reasonable, and I recently read some of the reasonable questions he asked. These are reasonable questions found in Psalm 94:9-10: “He that planted the ear, shall He not hear? He that formed the eye, shall He not see? He that chastens the heathen, shall He not correct? He that teaches knowledge, shall he not know?

There is nothing oppressive or deceptive about such questions. They are straightforward, reasonable questions from a straightforward, reasonable man. If God created and formed the ear, shouldn’t we assume that He Himself can hear? Of course. If God created and formed the eye, shouldn’t we assume that He Himself can see? The answer seems obvious.

Wicked men fear exposure, and exposure always comes when the right questions are asked. That is why it often happens that the wicked will ridicule whoever dares asks certain questions instead of returning straightforward, reasonable answers.

Recently, I contacted an old friend from college days. He informed me that he was now a monk of the Gregorian Order and was living under the “Holy Vows”. When I also learned that he had joined an organization that opposed “homophobia”, I was intrigued. Thinking that since we had once been fairly close friends, and having been curious for a long time as to what exactly “homophobia” is, I asked him the following simple, reasonable question, and he replied. He is our correspondence:

My dear Br. F–,

I noticed that you recently joined an organization calling for the eradication of “homophobia”. Is there really a problem with fear of homosexuals where you are? I don’t see any of that where I am, but then, I don’t get out much.



Br. Ron F–

February 18 at 9:33am

“Long the struggle and hard the fight.”

There is homophobia everywhere, it seems. I had a terrible conversation with our Senator, Bob C–, who refused to even consider supporting the Matthew Shepherd Act that would have made the murder of gay people a hate crime. In my own church, we have struggled with the issues of sexuality. But, as a child of God and as a Gregorian Brother, I know that God loves us all and created us as a reflection of his Being.

Soli Deo Gloria


Hi my friend

Do you think Mr. C– was “homophobic” or is it that he just doesn’t think that homosexuals need special legislative consideration? After all, isn’t any intentional cruelty a “hate crime”? It seems that in our times, any condemnation of or criticism toward, or even simple dislike of homosexuality is popularly characterized as “homophobic”. But fear of homosexuality is quite different from criticism of it, is it not? God condemns thievery or cruelty, murder or adultery, but I doubt He fears those things or such people.

That’s why I asked you about homophobia. I don’t see any of it where I am, though I see plenty of dislike for that ungodly lifestyle.

Take care,



John, you are so right. I am most certainly a sinner and many despise me for my so-called life style. But, I live in the knowledge that Jesus hung on the cross and bled for the likes of me and Matthew Shepherd as well as the preacher or marine or Senator.

Homophobia is an apt word because our intolerance and prejudice come from fear. This fear compels us to proclaim ourselves to self-righteousness and to hammer the Bible into a weapon which we aim at those we fear. So, yes. Homophobia is everywhere. I have a feeling that you are up to your neck in it. And, I will hold you close in my prayers and always in my heart.


ahhhmmm. . . I don’t know anything about your lifestyle, Ron. I haven’t seen you in over thirty years. But apparently I touched a sore spot. So, I’ll change directions. Whatever your lifestyle is, I hope the rest of your day goes ok.



I do not argue with the point John. I argue with the intolerance and lack of compassion. Being homosexual is not a choice or an expression of hatred of one’s self or God, anymore than being left-handed is demonic. No one chooses to be homosexual. No one chooses to be blue eyed or born without a limb. We are as we are. And all of us reflect God’s likeness in our being. How we live is the issue, isn’t it? I choose to live under the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. But who and what I am as a human being is indelible, and I believe that God loves me as he made me. My choice is how I live in the world and seek God’s grace in my life. The fact that I do not make babies should not condemn me or the human race or deny me Christian fellowship, as your statement implies.


Let’s not trust our own opinions, Ron. Let’s trust God. His wisdom is what we submit to, when we really want to be wise. I do not believe that God would ever have condemned homosexuality as sin (as he must certainly did throughout the Bible) if He had seen it as being on the same level as being blue-eyed, do you?

How we live IS the issue, Ron. In fact, that is the whole point.

We live in a time when your opinions are promoted in every conceivable way, by government and by law, by educational institutions – even down to the kindergarten level – by the entertainment industry, by churches, and others. But God is timeless, and what He taught us about moral issues through Moses, the prophets, and Paul, He still holds as true, even though many now seem to think that they have evolved beyond the need of heeding His voice.



Now, whatever my friend thinks about anything is his privilege. But my point is that sarcasm replaces reason when reason cannot explain what a man thinks. My question was only, is “homophobia” really the reason God condemned the perverse lifestyle of some people? Could not a man simply know that sin is sin, and still have compassion, and without being afraid or intolerant. God certainly has compassion, and is unafraid, and is very tolerant, and yet, he condemns homosexuality in no uncertain terms, from Genesis to Revelation! Can’t a man condemn that kind of life, then, simply because it is wrong?

The truth is, “homophobia” is a word that the American media uses to belittle people who have the mind of Christ. It’s like the word that Christian theologians invented to label those who do not believe their silly Trinity doctrine (pneumatomachianist). Now, who wants to be called that? Labels have a powerful effect on people, and so evil men work hard to give themselves labels that appeal, and to find labels for the upright that make then seem foolish.

For example, those who support abortion have labeled their cause, “freedom of choice”. Now, who in his right mind would not support a movement that concerned itself with freedom and choice? But the truth is, freedom and choice are not even the issues. The issue is the life or death of an unborn, defenseless person. But abortionists wouldn’t want to label their movement, “the Pro-Killing Innocent Babies Movement”. Nah. That wouldn’t work.

Be reasonable. Do not fear labels. Think, and ask Jesus to help you think clearly and justly. He is the only one who really can do that for us.

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