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The Bible

The Bible contains essential revelation from God that we need to understand spiritual things but is the Bible itself THE WORD OF GOD?! Believing that the Bible is the Word of God many believe that in the Bible they have all the revelation that is available to man about God and dismiss others who claim that God has spoken to them.

Through these articles prepare to have your thinking and assumptions challenged. It is by every word of God that man shall live eternally. Is owning and reading a bible sufficient to have that word? Very necessary understanding in this time where so many confidently claim to be standing on the Bible as the Word of God?

Holy Bible
Is it the word of God?

Holy Bible, Is it the word of God? examines the common belief that the bible is the word of GodThe Bible, is it the word of God? what the Scripture says about itself. We need to have the Word of God to live but who has the word of God? Is claiming to have it just because we own a bible good enough? This book is available on-line and at cost price from our eBay storePurchase at cost on ebay. Check out the eBay store for other good gospel materials and music.

Thought for Today
Dec. 31


There is nothing Christian about the Bible. It was ordained by a holy God for His holy people. It benefits only those who are sanctified by the holy Ghost, or who are sincerely seeking to be sanctified. To every ungodly soul that studies it, it can be deadly, for "the letter killeth", but to every soul to whom God blesses its pages, "the Spirit gives life".

When you approach the Bible, approach it with fear and trembling, for it speaks of holy things, hidden from the proud since the foundation of the world but revealed by the Spirit to the humble.