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The Bible

The Bible contains essential revelation from God that we need to understand spiritual things but is the Bible itself THE WORD OF GOD?! Believing that the Bible is the Word of God many believe that in the Bible they have all the revelation that is available to man about God and dismiss others who claim that God has spoken to them.

Through these articles prepare to have your thinking and assumptions challenged. It is by every word of God that man shall live eternally. Is owning and reading a bible sufficient to have that word? Very necessary understanding in this time where so many confidently claim to be standing on the Bible as the Word of God?

Holy Bible
Is it the word of God?

Holy Bible, Is it the word of God? examines the common belief that the bible is the word of GodThe Bible, is it the word of God? what the Scripture says about itself. We need to have the Word of God to live but who has the word of God? Is claiming to have it just because we own a bible good enough? This book is available on-line and at cost price from our eBay storePurchase at cost on ebay. Check out the eBay store for other good gospel materials and music.

Thought for Today
Dec. 27


Phip. 2:5-7

The Word of God is perfect, and if the Bible is the Word of God, then it, too, must be perfect. If errors exist in any translation of the Bible, then that translation of the Bible cannot be the Word of God, for the Word of God is without error. After considering this example of mistranslation in the King James Version of the Bible (KJV), ask yourself whether it or any other version of the Bible is the perfect Word of God.

Paul wrote to the Philippians, "Let this mind be in you, which also was in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider equality with God as something to be grasped after, but humbled himself and took upon himself the form of a servant."

Isaiah reveals to us that Lucifer is the one who grasped after equality with God. In Isaiah 14, the wicked, hidden thoughts of Lucifer's heart are exposed to us by the One "who knows the thoughts and intents of the heart." When Satan rebelled against God, his thoughts included this revealing phrase: "I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will be like the Most High." Satan attempted to steal some of the glory of God for himself; that was his sin against God.

There is none equal to God, and only a fool like the Devil would ever try to seize upon equality with Him. Being wise, the Son of God refused to seize upon equality with God; in fact, he did just the opposite. He humbled himself to become like those who lived on a lower plane. He took on the nature of men and dwelt among us. He did not puff himself up to grasp after the authority and honor that is God's alone. That is Paul's plain meaning in Philippians 2:6-7. However, Christian translators who believe in the doctrine of the Trinity see in Philippians 2:6 an opportunity to promote their belief, even though to do so, they must ignore the plain sense of Paul's words.

The fewer times a Greek word appears in the New Testament writings, the more open it is to a "private interpretation". The Greek word for "something to be seized upon" appears only once in the entire New Testament, and Trinitarians, such as the KJV translators, take full advantage of this lack of usage to twist the word toward a meaning that supports what they believe. The King James translation reads, "Let this mind be in you, which also was in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God . . ."

This error in translating Philippians 2:6 is one of the most reprehensible, for it is an intentional mistranslation, intended to persuade the reader to believe that Paul wrote something that he did not write. In fact, the translation found in the KJV is exactly the opposite of what Paul intended his words to mean. Paul was telling the saints that instead of pursuing equality with God, as Lucifer did, the Son of God went the other way and humbled himself.


Paul told the saints in Philippians 2:5 that he wanted us to have the same mind as Christ had. What kind of mind did Jesus have? If the KJV translation is correct, Christ Jesus thought that to make himself equal with God was no "robbery". Then, to have his mind, we also must think that to be equal with God is no "robbery" for us, too! Think of it! According to the Trinitarian translations of Philippians 2:6, you must consider yourself to be equal with God, as Satan did, or you don't have the mind of Christ!

We are exhorted by Paul to "be followers of God, as dear children" (Eph. 5:1). The word for "followers" in that verse could have been translated "imitators". To follow God's example, or to imitate Him, is perfectly acceptable for us all, but to grasp after equality with Him is wickedness, and Jesus was never guilty of such a crime against the Almighty.

I have told you before that Satan is the god of Christianity. This Trinitarian translation of Philippians is just more evidence of the same.

So, while the King James Version of the Bible is, in general, the best of all translations that I have read, it cannot be the Word of God because it contains intentional mistranslations that promote a doctrine that God hates.

You can trust your soul to the Word of God. But when it comes to trusting the Bible, as with trusting anything produced by a man, you need to know the truth for yourself so that you can discern whether or not a translator is being faithful to the Spirit or not. Only those who have heard from God can know who else has heard from Him. Be safe, and get in touch with God for yourself. That way, you will be able to understand and recognize the strange spirit that is behind some of the verses we find in every version of the Bible that is out there.

Jesus did not say that he would send us a book that would guide us into all truth, but that he would send the holy Ghost to guide us into all truth. Pray that God will help you tune in to what the Spirit is saying to God's people right now. There is no other truth but that. The only right doctrine that exists is what Jesus is saying now. Do you hear him?