Habakkuk 1

1. The burden that Habakkuk the prophet saw.

2. O Jehovah, how long will I cry and you not hear? I cry out to you about violence, but you do not deliver!

3. Why do you show me evil, and then watch the trouble? Destruction and violence are with me; strife and contention arise.

4. The law is slacked, and justice never goes forth because the wicked have the righteous surrounded. Therefore, perverted judgment goes forth.

5. Look among the nations; consider, and be utterly astounded because I do a work in your days which you will not believe when it is reported.

6. For behold, I am raising up the Chaldeans, that bitter and impetuous nation, that shall go through the breadth of the land to take possession of dwellings that are not his.

7. He is terrifying and to be feared. His judgment and dignity come from himself.

8. His horses are swifter than leopards and more alert than wolves in the evening. His horses prance about. His horsemen come from afar; they fly like an eagle swooping to devour.

9. They are all coming for violence. Their faces are as one, forward, and he shall gather captives like the sand.

10. He taunts kings, and rulers are a joke to him. He laughs at every fortified city, and heaps up earth and captures it.

11. Then a spirit will sweep in, and he will transgress and be guilty, attributing this, his power, to his god.

12. Are you not from ancient time, O Jehovah my God, my holy one? We will not die, Jehovah, for you have set him on the seat of judgment, and you have ordained him, the rock, to judge.

13. Your eyes are too pure to see evil, and cannot look upon wrong. Why do you watch the faithless and remain silent as the wicked devours the one more righteous than he?

14. You make man like the fish of the sea, like creeping things, with no one ruling over them.

15. He takes them all up with a hook, and he catches them in his net and gathers them with his dragnet. For that, he rejoices and shouts for joy,

16.and for that, he sacrifices to his net and burns incense to his dragnet because by them his portion grows fat and his food is plentiful.

17. Will he therefore empty his net and continue to slay the nations without pity?

Habakkuk 2

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1. Let me stand on my watch and station myself on the rampart, and I will keep watch to see what He will say against me, and what I will answer to my reproof.

2. Then Jehovah answered me and said, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets so that the one who reads will run with it.

3.For the vision is yet for an appointed time; it speaks of the end and does not lie. If it tarries, wait for it, for it will surely come. It will not delay.

4.Behold, the soul of him that is puffed up is not upright in him, but the righteous will live because of his faithfulness.

5.Because wine is treacherous, he becomes proud and does not stay at home. Like sheol, he enlarges his desire, and like death, he is not satisfied, but gathers whole nations for himself and collects all peoples.

6.Shall not these — all of them — take up a parable against him, and a taunting riddle against him? And He will say, ‘Woe to him who increases what is not his (how long?) and to him who demands heavy pledges for himself!’

7.Will not your debtors rise up suddenly and your oppressors awake? You will become a spoil for them!

8.You plundered many nations; therefore, all that remain of the peoples will plunder you, and because of men’s blood and the violence done to the earth, the city, and all that dwell in her.”

9. Woe to him who violently makes an unjust profit for his house, to set up his nest on high to save himself from the hand of evil.

10. You have devised shame for your house by cutting off many peoples; you have sinned against your soul.

11. A stone in the wall will cry out, and a wooden rafter will answer it.

12. Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed and establishes a town on iniquity.

13. Behold! Is it not from the Lord of Hosts that the peoples labor for the fire and the nations grow weary for nothing?

14. For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

15. Woe to him who causes his neighbor to drink, pouring out your wineskin and making them drunk in order to look on their nakedness.

16. You shall be sated with shame instead of glory. Drink, yourself, and expose your uncircumcision! The cup in Jehovah’s right hand shall come around to you, and disgrace will cover your glory.

17. For the violence of Lebanon shall cover you; destruction shall dismay even the beasts themselves because of the blood of men and the violence of the earth, the city, and all who dwell in her.

18. What use is an idol that its maker has formed, a molten image? It teaches deceit, for the maker relies upon what he makes when he produces dumb idols.

19. Woe to him who says to a tree, “Awake!” And to a dumb stone, “Arise! It teaches!” Look at it! Gold and silver, and no spirit in it at all.

20. But Jehovah is in His holy temple. Be silent before Him, all the earth!

Habakkuk 3

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1. A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet upon Shigionoth.[1]

2. O Jehovah, I have heard the report about you, and I am afraid. O Jehovah, revive your work in the midst of years! In the midst of years, make it known. In wrath, remember mercy.

3. God came from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah. His majesty covered the heavens, and His praise filled the earth,

4.and His brightness was like daylight! From His power, double majesty comes to Him, and there is strength’s hiding place.

5. Before him went a plague, and a flame went before His feet.

6. He stood still and shook[2] the earth. He looked and dispersed the nations. The perpetual mountains were shattered; the everlasting hills bowed to him. His ways are eternal.

7. I saw the tents of Cushan[3] in affliction, and the curtains of the land of Midian trembled.

8. Was Jehovah displeased with the rivers? Was your wrath against the rivers, or your fury against the sea, that you rode on your horses, your chariots of salvation?

9. Your bow was unsheathed, with a call for arrows of curses. Selah. You cleaved the earth with rivers.

10. The mountains saw you and shook. A flood of water passed over. The deep gave its voice, its hand lifted on high.

11. The sun and moon stood still in their lofty abode for light. Your arrows went forth, your spear shining like lightning.

12. In fury, you marched through the land. In anger, you threshed nations.

13. You went forth to save your people, to save them with your Messiah. You severed the head of the house of the wicked, exposing it from the foundation to the neck. Selah.

14. With his own arrows, you pierced the head of his warriors who came like a whirlwind to scatter me. Their rejoicing was to devour the poor man secretly.

15. You trampled the sea with your horses, the mighty waters raging.

16. I heard, and my inward parts trembled; my lips quivered at the sound. Rottenness came into my bones, and I trembled within. I will rest until the day of distress when he comes up against the people; he will attack us with troops.

17. Though the fig tree does not flower and no fruit is on the vines, though the labor of the olive fails and the fields produce no food, though the flock be cut off from the pen and there are no cattle in the stalls,

18.I will still exult in Jehovah! I will rejoice in the God of my salvation!

19.Jehovah is my Lord and my strength! He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and makes me to walk upon my high places!

For the chief musician, with my stringed instruments.


[1] Hebrew meaning uncertain.

[2] Hebrew uncertain.

[3] As yet not located.

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