Thoughts for the Evening


The book you are about to read has had a profound impact on me. Penned during a two year period by my pastor, John D. Clark, Sr., this collection contains a "way of thinking", and I am convinced, "the mind of Christ."

In Isaiah 55, we are told that God's thoughts are not our thoughts, that God's ways are not our ways, and that God's thoughts are as far from men as the heavens are from the earth. What you are about to read is a collection of thoughts given to Pastor John from the holy Spirit of God. For God to condescend to man, and to give His thoughts to him is a rare and precious thing. That is why I consider this book so valuable.

I have been privileged to have Pastor John stay in our home every other weekend for the last three years. On occasion, I have been there when he had thoughts given to him by God. I have seen Jesus use Pastor John to solve the most difficult of life's problems. To cheer the hearts of the most discouraged people. To bring unity to the most divided of situations. To speak perfect words of life and hope at the most needed times. So often I have seen Jesus work through Pastor John and been left with such a thankful feeling. To be influenced by his thoughts has brought me much closer to the one I love - that is, Jesus.

Many of the experiences, teachings, and thoughts in this book came from Pastor John's father, George C. Clark. "Preacher Clark", as they called him, was also a man anointed by God with a message for God's children. So you will be reading thoughts anointed by the holy Ghost over nearly a century of time. This collection includes decades of experience in the things of God and doctrinal truths sent by the holy Ghost to true pastors.

After we assembled this volume and I examined the finished product, I kept looking at it, and holding it like a child. I knew I had a treasure in my hands. I feel that if a person is really after Jesus, and if they read these thoughts each day for one year, they WILL be a different person when they are done. Diligent study of these thoughts will bring one closer to Jesus.

The Scripture says, "The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness." I do hope you take advantage of this collection and read it often, so you will become spiritually "rich." Let the "thoughts" sink deep. You will appreciate life more. You will love the scattered children of God with a purer love. You will make better decisions. You will have more peace, more hope, and more confidence in a God who loved you before the foundation of the world.

I would like to express thanks to my dear sister Amy Pittman who labored countless hours in gathering, typing, correcting, and proofreading these Thoughts for Today. We "provoked" one another to get this ready for printing, and I consider it an honor to have played a small part in presenting it to you.

Your servant,
Gary Savelli
January 2005