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Right Relationships

What Is The Bible?

Among some zealous, and not-so-zealous, believers, a confession of faithThe Bible, is it the word of God? that the Bible is the Word of God has become a litmus test to prove the legitimacy of one’s faith in Christ. But did God ever set that standard for us? The “Holy Bible, Is it the Word of God?” examines this common belief by considering what the Scripture says about itself. As much reverence as is due the Bible, (and it is due a great deal of reverence), is it beyond the limit of both reason and revelation to call it the Word of God?

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When God calls us, He calls us to Himself.

That is a simple statement, but it is filled with meaning. And its meaning is so challenging to our nature that pure faith alone can embrace it.

In calling us to Himself, God is excluding all other things as the object of our desire. He does not call us to a doctrine, nor to any sect or religion, nor to any idea or ceremony, nor yet to any human. He calls us to Himself, and once we come to Him, He adds to us what we need for our salvation. Pure faith abandons all preferences and opinions when God calls.

“When you said, Seek my face, my heart said to you, Your face, O Lord, will I seek” (Ps. 27:8).

This web site is for those who have heard the call of God and are seeking Him.

Spiritual Light

I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one.
Jesus earnestly prayed that the Father would make us all one, and yet,Spiritual Light. Teaching on four fundamental areas of truth. Read online now. God's people are divided by conflicting doctrines and traditions into a thousand different sects.
Spiritual Light is the result of four visitations from the Lord Jesus to the author, beginning in the summer of 1975. When the word of God comes, it is as if you have been sitting in darkness your whole life, and suddenly the light is turned on. You will feel enlightened as well, as you read this book. Prepare for an adventure in faith. Topics covered:

God Had A Son before Mary Did

God is, first of all, a God of relationships. The revelation that from the beginning there existed a beloved Son lets us know that above all else, God desires loving relationships. That desire lies at the heart of everything God has ever done, and nothing in Creation contradicts that truth.
God Had A Son before Mary Did. Read online now.God Had A Son before Mary Did examines the significance and glory of the “mystery of God”, the mystery of the Son, which God kept secret from the foundation of the world until He revealed it in the person of Jesus Christ. (pdf opens in new window).

Chapter Outline

1. “He Was, before I Was”
2. God’s Kind of Life
3. “A Revealer of Secrets”
4. The Son in the Old Testament
5. Two Kinds of Righteousness
6. “All Wisdom and Knowledge”
7. The Son in the World
8. The Revelation of the Father
9. Government
10. Life vs. Form


A prophet to an apostate nation
Spiritual issues remain the same, from generation to generation.Malachi, prophet to an apostate nation. Read online now. In this covenant, as in the old, God still offers a merciful response to the human problem of sin. The true prophets were sent to point all, sinners and saints, to the way of the law, and God’s true ministers today are sent to point all to the way of the Spirit, the new and better covenant brought to us by God's beloved Son by which “whosoever will”, even the vilest of sinners, may receive forgiveness for his sins.
Malachi — prophet to an apostate nation is taken in large part from Pastor John Clark’s teaching series on Malachi. Video links to Pastor John reading Malachi are included within the text.

Suffering and the Saints

You are hurting. You have suffered a crushing loss. You have been disappointed, misunderstood, betrayed. What are you to do? What do you think?
Suffering and the Saints. Read online now.Suffering and the Saints” takes you through beautiful Biblical stories of faith where men and women are not only seen doing good in desperate situations but, more than that, the reason they did good is explained. By knowing what they knew, we can do what they did, and be what they were, and receive the strength to continue in well doing.
As you read “Suffering and the Saints”, stand in awe of the goodness, power, and wisdom of God by which the saints of old met and overcame the suffering that God gave them to endure and by which we may also endure our trials and corrections.
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called
according to his purpose.

Where is Hell?
Who goes there?
Can anyone escape from Hell?
Is Hell the "Lake of Fire?"
What are "Gehenna" and "Tartarus?"

What the Bible really says about Hell answers these questions and many
more about Hell.

When Is A Person Born Again?

If any man have not the Spirit of Christ,
he is none of His
We need to know who has received the Spirit of God and who has not. Speaking in tongues at spirit baptism. Read online now.Otherwise, we are lost in a world of religious confusion as to who really is born of God and who is not, which is the condition that exists among believers of today.
This booklet presents an accurate and consistent biblical explanation for speaking in tongues being the “initial evidence” of being baptized with the Spirit.
If true, this belief radically alters the commonly accepted picture of the body of Christ, for since the baptism of the Spirit is the only means of entering the body of Christ (1Cor. 12:13) then the body of Christ would be composed only of those who have received that baptism, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Study “Speaking in Tongues at Spirit Baptism” for answers about this important and controversial subject.

Topical Study Pages

The Return of Christ

Will Christ return tomorrow? Is his return near? Many think so but the Bible teaches us what must happen before Christ's return.

Salvation & Conversion

"Saved" is most often used now to mean "converted" but, scripturally, they are not the same experience! So when do we receive salvation?


Salvation will be given only to those who have been baptized! Paul said there is just one baptism. What is this one baptism?

The Holy Spirit

Jesus sent back the holy spirit after His ascension. What is the holy spirit? What does it do and do you need it?

The New Birth

There are many experiences in a believer's walk with Jesus. But which one is the experience of the new birth Jesus said we must have?

Grace, Faith & Works

Being "saved by grace" is living a holy life. God's grace is active and brings the power and light of God into our souls.

The Father & the Son

God gave His only Son to die for us. Who is this Son known as Jesus? A story of the love of God revealed through His Son!

The Kingdom of God

What is the kingdom of God? Is it a future hope or is it already present among men? Learn how you may be in that kingdom.

Ceremony & Communion

The way of Christ is not one of symbols, rituals, and ceremony. The true light shines now and ceremony no longer benefits our souls.

Church & Christianity

Does Jesus want us to go to church? What does the Christian church have to do with the way of Christ? What do God's children belong to?


Who is Satan? What are his lusts that Jesus said the elders of Israel would do? Come to know the transformed “angel of light.”

The Spirit of Antichrist

"Antichrist" had already come in John's day. The spirit of antichrist has worked among the saints, since the days of the apostles.